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Akheros is a cybersecurity R&D start-up, laureate of the 2013 national innovation award « Concours national entreprises innovantes » (BPI) and of the 2014 national innovation award « Concours Mondial Innovation » (BPI – French Presidency).

Akheros develops resident cybersecurity learning Bayesian networks, which learn machines’ informational behavior and constructs an unsupervised Bayesian network for each machine that anticipates, detects and prevents offensive incongruous behaviors of other machines.

Distributed as an autonomous component (OEM) and as a service (SAAS), Akheros is apt to detect and deter Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Akheros will be commercialized as a machine to machine (M2M) behavioral cybersecurity learning component for intrusion detection, forensic and deterrence responses.